Auditioning is hard. It's nerve wracking, scary, thrilling, intimidating and sometimes even embarrassing. On top of that there are all these unwritten rules and no one seems to agree

So what is a performer to do? I'm going to go out on a limb and say.....

Break them. 

Make your own. 

Im just over it all. 

What do we want to accomplish in an audition? We want them to see our personality, hear our voice, feel our actions and connect to the lyric and music. We want the director or casting agent to leave wanting to see more of us, hear what else we can do. We want to be a fresh voice, in the room full of belting bots. We do this by changing the dialogue, following the script but bending the pages. Yes there are procedures you need to follow, doing what the audition notice requires. But within those requirements find where you can be you. 

Song Selection

1.What makes your voice unique? What about your voice do you want to show? If you can belt a high E great! But I challenge you to look beyond that and see what else makes your voice stand out. Do you have a great mix you could show, a great throaty chest voice? Maybe it's the ability to jump quickly from one range to another. If you're auditioning for a season or college Unifieds it gives you the ability to show that beautiful soprano and then your contemporary belt.  Think about it and see how you can show that in your song selections.

2. Pick the right cut. You have a very short time to tell a story. Find where you can tell that story and show your voice. Sometimes not every song will work. Learn to let go quickly of songs you get attached to. There is nothing harder than fighting a student on a song because they "just really feel connected to it!" If it doesn't work. move on. 

3. Do your research. Learn the composer, listen to other works they have done. Time period of when it was written and other composers of that time. Hear the music, listen to other musical influences, what style is it in? What other composers does it sound like? The most common audition requirement is "in the style of the show." You wouldn't believe how often people get that wrong. 

4. Stop listening to everyone else. Trust yourself.